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Carton Size


Used for

Carton (small)


18" x 15 " x 12"

Two cube

Books, tools, heavy cookware, dishes, papers, canisters, CD's, and ornaments.

Carton (Medium)

18” x 18" x 21"

Four cube

Pots and pans, cooking utensils, linens (towels & sheets), games, small pictures, toys, shoes, purses, stereo components, odds & ends.

Carton (Large)

18" x 18" x 25"

Five cube

Pans, serving trays, games, pictures, blankets, pillows, lamps, lamp shades.

Boxes average 35 pounds.

Picture Carton

42" x 3.5" x 34"

Pictures, mirrors, paintings, glass shelves/tables. These items should be wrapped in bubble wrap, or tissue paper before being boxed for better protection.

Wardrobe Carton & Bar

24" x 21" x 49"

Hanging clothes, suits, dresses, long coats. The bottom can be used for shoes.

Bubble wrap

4 feet wide X any length

Pictures, furniture.

Packing paper

25 pound bundle

Individual pre cut white sheets, pack dishes, fragile items, etc.


2 inch wide

Seal cartons top & bottom

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