Frequently Asked Questions about Moving

How long in advance should I confirm a move date?

Always the sooner the better, we recommend at least two weeks notice. Please call anytime to check availability as orders do reschedule.

If I pack myself do the movers insure the items?

For insurance Ace Movers are required to pack, move and unpack. We will move owner packed items.

Do cartons need to be taped?

Yes, please tape bottom and top of cartons and write on the tape which room you would like it placed in.

Can I leave my clothes in drawers?

Yes, the choice is yours. For insurance we ask that all drawers are emptied (china cabinet, dressers, file cabinet, etc.) and the empty drawers left in the cabinet.

Do you disassemble and reassemble items?

Yes, headboard, footboard and rails. We also disassemble and reassemble mirrors from dressers and legs from dining room and kitchen tables. Ace Movers reassembles all items that we disassemble.

Do freezers have to be emptied?

Yes, place contents into small boxes and leave in your freezer for easy removal if required.

Will your movers show up on time?

Yes - Ace Moving guarantees all confirmed moving dates and time in writing.


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